Rent a van with hydraulic ramp

One of the most difficult and tedious things in the transportation of goods by commercial vehicles is the loading and unloading of objects. For quality and affordable van rental in Thessaloniki, our company, ‘Van Rental Thessaloniki’, has the ideal selection of vans to make customers’ lives easier.

Van Rental Thessaloniki has equipped the Citroen Jumper with a hydraulic tailgate, also known as a ramp, so that the unloading of bulky items is simple and easy.

The great advantage of this particular utility vehicle is that with the hydraulic ramp, no special effort or time is required to empty the vehicle.

The Citroen Jumper can carry a load of up to 1200 kg, while the dimensions of the car (L: 3.80m W: 2.00m H: 2.40m) allow the transport of high or bulky objects.

However, since the above require a lot of effort to load them into the van and also unload them again, the hydraulic tailgate is a great solution!

The hydraulic ramp, with which the Citroen Jumper is equipped, can lift up to 400 kg, which makes transportation easy and inexpensive.

The Citroen Jumper with the hydraulic ramp is available with a 2200cc diesel engine and a manual gearbox, so it can comfortably carry the 1000kg load without any difficulty. It is also equipped with air conditioning and electric windows.

For anyone who is looking for a van rental to transport bulky items and does not want to worry about loading and unloading, Van Rental Thessaloniki has the Citroen Jumper with hydraulic ramp, a professional van that is a worthy partner in transportation.

Why choose Van Rental Thessaloniki

Van Rental Thessaloniki verfügt über mehr als 30 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich der Vermietung von Nutzfahrzeugen und ist perfekt an die Bedürfnisse des Marktes angepasst.

With a fully renewed fleet of closed or open-type vans, Van Rental Thessaloniki guarantees immediate service with the best possible options, depending on your needs.

With many options as to the rental time and extra benefits to the professional or private person who will choose it, Van Rental Thessaloniki is the best ally in transport and through its website offers 24-hour service.

Among the services it offers are:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Greece
  • Third party insurance
  • Traffic taxes
  • Municipal fees
  • Crystal Breakage Insurance
  • Replacement by damage or accident

Van Rental Thessaloniki is one of the most economical companies in the prefecture of Thessaloniki while its 30 years of experience in rentals is a guarantee for an excellent cooperation and impeccable service.