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Van Rental Thessaloniki


For Individuals and Professionals

If you're moving cargo, shifting furniture as a private individual, or tackling any other task, you're free to chart your route and make necessary stops without facing extra fees.

Without a pro driver's license

No professional driver's license is necessary; all you need is to be over 23 years old and have at least 12 months of driving experience with a car to rent a Cargo Van from Van Rental Thessaloniki.

Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals

We also provide the option to rent commercial refrigerated vans, spacious cargo vans, and light vehicles (up to 3.5 tons) for both short and long-term durations across Greece.

Ενοικιάσεις Φορτηγών Βαν Θεσσαλονίκη

Van Rental Thessaloniki

Van Rental Thessaloniki

Renting a commercial van from Van Rental Thessaloniki is ideal for:

– Professionals or companies, who want to cover their additional transport needs or to replace a commercial truck because of a breakdown

– Individuals who want to transport their personal belongings at any time they wish, easily, quickly, safely and economically.

– All light trucks up to 3 1/2 tonnes do not need a professional driving licence.
ενοικιαση μικρο βαν φορτηγο
Ενοικίαση μικρό βαν ψυγείο
Ενοικίαση μεσαίο βαν φορτηγό
Ενοικίαση βαν φορτηγό με ανοιχτή καρότσα
Ενοικίαση μεγάλο βαν ψυγείο
Ενοικίαση Φορτηγό βαν με μουσαμά η κόφα

Van rental in Thessaloniki at very affordable prices
Long-term and monthly leases of commercial vans

Μεγάλος στόλος Βαν φορτηγών


Explore the extensive range of commercial vehicle models available for rental at Van Rental Thessaloniki. Book easily in 3 simple steps and secure the perfect rental van for you, today!



Van Rental Thessaloniki, with extensive experience, offers top-notch service throughout Northern Greece, meeting all your van rental needs.

Νέα και ασφαλή μοντέλα Βαν

Control & Safety

The safety level of modern light commercial vehicles is high, with 33 point checks carried out on each vehicle. All cars are accompanied by liability insurance.

Monthly Hire of Commercial Vans

Monthly commercial van hire is available for a period of 1 to 60 months.

Wide Variety of commercial trucks

We offer a wide variety of commercial vans, covering the needs of both individuals without a professional license and professionals looking for commercial cars and vans at very affordable prices, with the reliability and guarantee of Van Rental Thessaloniki.
We have at your disposal for Van Rentals in Thessaloniki, refrigerated van, van with open and tilting body, van with head and van with awning. We cooperate with the market leaders in the cargo van market in Thessaloniki.

«Electro Flex»

Long Term Electric Van Rental: The New Way of Transportation

The new program«Electro Flex» brings the long term rental of electric vans by Van Rental Thessaloniki

This pioneering initiative in the transportation sector allows Van Rental Thessaloniki customers to gain access to environmentally sustainable vehicles for business use or other needs.
The programme includes flexible time options and upgraded technology, enhancing sustainability and efficiency in mobility.

We work with the market leaders in Cargo Van in Thessaloniki

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